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Authors Face ‘A New World of Opportunity’. How to publish a book.

The growth of electronic publishing has forever changed the way books are delivered, purchased, read and reviewed. ~ How to publish a book

Readers expect ebooks to look good on all their devices and perform flawlessly while conforming to individual reading preferences. ~ How to publish a book

Print on Demand (POD) editions face similar challenges. No matter the publishing origin—small publisher, mid-sized publisher or self-published—readers expect quality.

A new world of opportunity awaits authors who leverage out-of-print backlist, and yet-to-be published work through electronic publishing. To be successful, you need a reliable, full-service ebook preparer who understands the market and the changing technology.

Cobbling together a reputable scanning and OCR service while investigating and buying conversion software plus cover design software is expensive and steals your writing time. Just a few mistakes can cost your book’s reputation through negative reader reviews.

There is a simple solution: eBook Prep’s All-Inclusive Packages. ~ How to publish a book


The Print Book to eBook Conversion: Here’s how it works.

After receiving a print copy of your book we get busy scanning, OCRing, and converting.

If you’ve opted for an eBook Prep cover, we’ll get that process started, too.

Meanwhile you do what you do best—write new books your readers will love.

Then, when all the work is done, we’ll send you high-quality, technically sound files that will make listing on Amazon, BN, etc… a breeze. Your readers will love them, too.

 ~ How to publish a book

Here’s what eBook Prep’s All-Inclusive Package includes.

  • Scanning (Destructive scanning is necessary, print copy will not be returned)
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversion
  • Document cleanup
  • Emailing the transformed .doc for your approval and story edits if desired
  • Upon return of your approved .doc file, we will continue with Coding (including Table of Contents, page breaks, chapter and scene breaks)
  • Insertion of custom color flourishes that match your cover (This is one of the things that sets eBook Prep’s work, and ultimately your book, apart (See samples of our custom flourishes throughout this site)
  • Formatting and insertion of back-matter, including up to three 1000 word excerpts, author bio and picture, and up to five formatted links (urls)
  • Final error detection pass
  • File conversion (creates .mobi and .epub files for loading onto Amazon/Kindle and Barnes & Noble/Nook)
  • Testing for IDPF compliance
  • Delivery (via email) of eBook files and properly sized cover files, ready for upload


How much does it cost?

Our All-Inclusive Package price is $240.

For print books exceeding 90,000 words, add $1.60 per 1,000 additional words.

~ How to publish a book

But, my book is already in a Word or .rtf file.

Then, no scanning or OCR conversion is required. Subtract $30 from the above Package price.

 ~ How to publish a book

I want POD, too. Does eBook Prep do POD?

Absolutely. eBook Prep is digitally certified by Ingram/Lightning Source and can prepare your POD files from the stabilized .doc file used to create your ebook files. For more information visit our Services page.

 ~ How to publish a book

What if I already have a new cover?

We are happy to work with your new cover.

 ~ How to publish a book

What if I need a cover?

We can design one for you for $125 (additional art charges may apply).

If you are an ePublishing Works author, cover cost is discounted to $99 (additional art charges may apply).

For examples of our covers, visit our Cover Gallery.

~ How to publish a book

Will eBook Prep upload my ebook files for me?

No. Doing so would require us to ask for private information, information we feel only you should know. Besides, uploading eBook Prep ebook and/or POD files is a breeze.

 ~ How to publish a book

Do I need to pay a portion of my royalties earned to eBook Prep?

No. Absolutely not. eBook Prep makes no claims of any kind on rights or royalties.

 ~ How to publish a book

How do I get started?

Contact Us right away. We’ll get to work while you go back to doing what you do best—writing great stories.