Creating saleable copy - #WriterWednesday

Sales copy that sells has four parts

  1. Story Blurb
  2. Awards and/or Reviews
  3. Other books by (or series order if the title is in a series)
  4. Engaging mini bio.

From first word to last, keep the total word count to300 or less.

Story Blurb: The emotions and expectations created by your cover are confirmed and further excited by a saleable story blurb. Paragraphs are short, and each mentioned story element flows into the next so that, in the last sentence, one primary (and compelling) conflict stands clear in the potential buyer’s mind.

Awards and/or Reviews: If the story has won an award and/or garnered a professional review, place that information here. Stay modest. Keep is short. The goal is to entice the reader to buy.

Other books by: If the book is part of a series, put the series order, here. If the book is not part of series, list your other titles, here. Readers like to be informed, and will often go back to a familiar place where they last saw “that important information” they can’t quite recall.

Author mini bio: Informational tidbits that connect the reader to you and/or promote your “street cred” go here. Avoid listing “member of”, “former president of” and awards received. This can go in the bio inside the ebook.

A saleable listing compels the reader to buy. It is one of several elements that create a profitable bestseller.

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