Your First Impression

Designing a Cover that Sells

Whether you design your own cover, rope in your talented daughter-in-law or hire a professional, do the following first.

  1. Go to Amazon’s Popularity List for the genre in which your book will appear. The Popularity List is ordered by title profitability. If making money is your goal, this is where you want to compete.
  2. Study the first 50 covers, identifying five similar design elements (i.e.: color, title/author name placement, imagery composition, layout)
  3. Insist on a cover that includes three or more of those five elements.

Remember, your ebook cover has nothing to do with the curtains in your Living Room. You should always like the curtains in your Living Room, while your readers don’t have to. But they do have to like your cover if they are going to buy your book.

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