Your First Impression


Designing a Cover that Sells Whether you design your own cover, rope in your talented daughter-in-law or hire a professional, do the following first. Go to Amazon’s Popularity List for the genre in which your book will appear. The Popularity List is ordered by title profitability. If making money is your goal, this is where […]

Welcome to eBook Prep!


Self-publishing is easy with eBook Prep. Self-publishing can be as simple as… You write, we handle the technical details. eBook Prep provides cover-to-cover ebook and print book (POD, Print On Demand) services. From scanning to formatting to cover design, we can turn your paperback/hardback, typed manuscript, or .doc file into a professionally formatted ebook and/or […]

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All-Inclusive Print-to-eBook Package: eBook Prep’s All-Inclusive Package is the service most requested by authors. Starting with a print book, our All-Inclusive Package includes everything from scanning to color chapter flourishes and professional, print-published style formatting to excerpt inserts for cross-selling your other titles. When all is finished, you’ll have beautifully formatted and technically sound eBook […]

Cover Design


Your cover is your reader’s first impression: Make it a great one! More than 50% of readers judge a book by its cover! But how do you know if your cover will sell? First, just because you like your cover, does not mean your targeted audience will agree. Readers subconsciously respond to covers that are […]

eBook Prep Covers Featured in a Promo Video!

Everybody Needs a Hero… Highly rated ebook advertising service, eBook Discovery, recently featured several covers created by eBook Prep in their promo video Everybody Needs a Hero. Everything from our wildly popular Black Creek Burning and Romulus to our highly rated Savage Echoes and Scarlet Destiny has gripped the attention book readers and we believe that this is only the beginning!