Do you have a Trope Series?


A morphed spin-off from old-school “publisher’s lines” (ie: Harlequin’s KISS or Entangled’s BLAZE), a Trope Series is a series of books by the same author that all have something in common, in addition to genre and setting. Take Sharon Ihle’s The Inconvenient Brides Series, for instance. All three books take place in the Wild West, […]

A New Kind of Series


In this new world of ePublishing, there are now three kinds of series. Single Character (like Harry Potter and Stephanie Plum), Traditional (where a strong secondary character from the prior book becomes the hero/heroine/protagonist of the next book) and the newest series-type often referred to as a Trope Series. A morphed spin-off from old-school “publisher’s […]

Welcome to eBook Prep!


Self-publishing is easy with eBook Prep. Self-publishing can be as simple as… You write, we handle the technical details. eBook Prep provides cover-to-cover ebook and print book (POD, Print On Demand) services. From scanning to formatting to cover design, we can turn your paperback/hardback, typed manuscript, or .doc file into a professionally formatted ebook and/or […]

Our Services


All-Inclusive Print-to-eBook Package: eBook Prep’s All-Inclusive Package is the service most requested by authors. Starting with a print book, our All-Inclusive Package includes everything from scanning to color chapter flourishes and professional, print-published style formatting to excerpt inserts for cross-selling your other titles. When all is finished, you’ll have beautifully formatted and technically sound eBook […]