Do you have a Trope Series?

A morphed spin-off from old-school “publisher’s lines” (ie: Harlequin’s KISS or Entangled’s BLAZE), a Trope Series is a series of books by the same author that all have something in common, in addition to genre and setting.

Take Sharon Ihle’s The Inconvenient Brides Series, for instance. All three books take place in the Wild West, and all feature inconvenient mail-order brides. Story characters never cross between the books, but the first book sells the second, and the second the third. Why? Because readers who like mail-order bride romances want to read all the mail-order bride romances that the author has written, where that reader has fallen in love with the author’s voice and story-telling ability.

Another successful Trope Series: Adrienne deWolfe’s Wild Texas Nights Series. All three stories take place in the Wild West and all three feature wild, strong-headed heroines that the hero must learn to love instead of tame.

And lest I’ve incorrectly caused you to think that a Trope Series only works in the Wild West, check out Susan King’s newest Trope Series: The Celtic Nights. All three are set in the middle ages and all three feature stories that explore ladies of legend.

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