The Best Thing for your Writing Career

If you are new to writing, have a few books under your belt, or have been in the writing biz since Gutenberg turned the crank on his first printing press, the best thing you can do for your career is write (or assemble) a series.

Why? Simply put, books that are in a series, sell.

A series gives you, the author, something to bargain with (book 1 at 99cents or free) and something to sell (books 2, 3 and 4, slightly down-priced and/or selling at retail, usually $4.99 or less.).

A series also makes room for frugality, allowing you to promote all the books in your series while paying to promote book 1, only.

If you are a new writer, plan books 2 and 3 before writing book 1.

If you have a “few books on the market” and are wondering if you can make it in this biz, grab your latest bestseller (the one with the best reviews) and write a sequel.

Or perhaps you’re “older than Gutenberg” and have written more books than you’re willing to admit? My bet is that you have a Trope Series in there somewhere.

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